1. sausage.js

    Sausage is a jQuery UI widget for contextual pagination. It complements long or infinite-scrolling pages by keeping the user informed of her location within the document. The best way to understand how Sausage works is to view some examples.

    A complete test & benchmark suite is included coming soon. You may also read through the annotated source code or visit the project page on GitHub. You can report bugs and discuss features on the issues page, or send tweets to @ctcliff.

  2. Downloads & Dependencies (Right-click, and use "Save As")

    Development Version (1.0.0) 11 kb, Uncompressed with Comments

    Sausage depends on both jQuery and the jQuery UI widget factory.

    You're encouraged to write a custom CSS layer to suit your application, however an example CSS file is included to help you get started.

  3. Get Started

    To use, just apply .sausage() to window.


    For more advanced usage, refer to the examples or view the annotated source.